Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented Programming for Advanced Learners


Warder Elementary believe in high expectations for ALL of our learners, including those identified as having a Advanced Learning Plan (ALP).  These students receive curriculum above grade-level standards and have multiple assessment results that show advanced performance.

Gifted and Talented Program Coordinators, work alongside the regular classroom teacher so enrichment and acceleration can be provided for students on ALPs as well as students that show advanced learning potential. Often, advanced learning potential is identified with an advanced score on one or more of the CoGat or State assessments.

The district directive is to provide support for students displaying advanced work, or the potential for advanced work, to be provided with additional support within the classroom.  Our teachers, through the work of professional learning communities (PLCs), provide instruction that meets the needs of all learners, including our advanced learners.

If you have specific questions about how Warder serves our advanced learners, please reach out to Matt Hilbert, principal, at (303) 982-0202, or by email, [email protected]  

GT Spotlight:

March 2023 -Building Self-Awareness Skills

What does the research say? According to the website Happier Human, the benefits of building self-awareness include decreased stress, increased motivation and productivity, improved self-care, and more happiness and life satisfaction.  Self awareness is a skill that can be practiced and taught.  Below are some fun ways for your family to explore and learn more about being self aware!  

Week 1:  To explore the concept of self awareness and build your background knowledge, read more here.

Weeks 2-4:


Building Self Awareness Skills


Create a vision board that includes pictures, drawings, quotes, and other symbols that represent the creator’s aspirations, goals, hopes and dreams.

Image from

Some vision board prompts/ideas are:

  • What are your favorite things
  • What makes you happy?
  • What are your biggest dreams and goals?
  • What do you value most in the world?
  • What images best represent you?


Create a “show and tell” time for your family. Each family member fills a small bag with 5+ things that address a specific prompt and then the family takes turns sharing what is in their bag. Possible prompt ideas include:

  • Things that make me feel safe.
  • My favorite things to think about.
  • My favorite gifts to give and get.


Host a family WRITE and TALK event. Each family member takes 10 minutes to answer a question and then each has an opportunity to share their ideas with the group. Ideas for journaling/writing include:

  • List 5 strengths. Write about one of them. How did it become a strength? How does each strength benefit you and/or others?
  • Make a list of passions/interests. Then, list the top 5 in order and describe ways of exploring each.
  • Answer this question: How would others describe you? How would you describe yourself? Are there similarities/differences?