Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented Programming for Advanced Learners


Warder Elementary believe in high expectations for ALL of our learners, including those identified as having a Advanced Learning Plan (ALP).  These students receive curriculum above grade-level standards and have multiple assessment results that show advanced performance.

Gifted and Talented Program Coordinators, work alongside the regular classroom teacher so enrichment and acceleration can be provided for students on ALPs as well as students that show advanced learning potential. Often, advanced learning potential is identified with an advanced score on one or more of the CoGat or State assessments.

The district directive is to provide support for students displaying advanced work, or the potential for advanced work, to be provided with additional support within the classroom.  Our teachers, through the work of professional learning communities (PLCs), provide instruction that meets the needs of all learners, including our advanced learners.

If you have specific questions about how Warder serves our advanced learners, please reach out to Matt Hilbert, principal, at (303) 982-0202, or by email, [email protected]  

GT Spotlight:

December 2022 - An Attitude of Gratitude

Week 1:  

How does the practice of gratitude improve the lives of students?

What is Gratitude? Gratitude has been defined in a number of ways. Researchers who study the effects of gratitude define it as more than just feeling thankful for something - it is more like a deeper appreciation for someone or something, which produces longer lasting positivity. Practicing gratitude is not necessarily an innate behavior for all people. However, “gratitude seems to work like a muscle” (Owen Griffith, Practicing Gratitude in the Classroom) - the more you utilize it, the more you develop your gratitude muscles. (From Lewis-Palmer HS Gifted and Talented website)

Weeks 2-4:


Attending to Gratitude


Consider the every-day things and simple pleasures that make us smile. Author Neil Pasricha has written several books on the subject of AWESOMENESS. Watch this video and then talk as a family about some of the awesome things to love in everyday life.


Here are several videos you can watch with your students to learn more about gratitude. Try one of the activities at home!


Learn together about the happy chemicals in the brain!