Warder Improvement Network

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Warder Improvement Network

Please consider joining us for our Warder Improvement Network Meetings.  The purpose of the Warder Improvement Network is to engage, as key stakeholders, in our work of ensuring that we are meeting the needs of our learners.  Please check out the information below regarding our upcoming meetings, agendas, and notes.  Agendas become active right before the scheduled meeting.  Notes and the presentations will become accessible after the meeting.

Meeting Date/Time  Linked Agenda  Linked Presentation 
 Thursday 9/20/18  9/20 Agenda 9/20 Presentation 
Tuesday 12/11/18 12/11 Agenda 12/11 Presentation
Thursday 1/24/19   1/24 Agenda 1/24 Presentation 
Tuesday  3/12/19  3/12 Agenda 3/12 Presentation
Thursday 5/2/19  5/2 Agenda  5/2 Presentation

All are WELCOME - please join us!