We value our students, therefore we celebrate their hard work and dedication regularly at Warder.  Below are a few of the honors our students can receive:

  • Wildcat Recognition Awards - Students receive these awards weekly for their demonstration of PAWS.  Any Warder staff member can nominate a student for a Wildcat Recognition Award.  Students are presented their award in front of their class by the principal and their picture is displayed in the main lobby.
  • PAWS Awards - Each trimester, each classroom teacher nominates four students (one for each letter of PAWS) for going above and beyond to demonstrate one of the PAWS attributes.  Students are honored during a special ceremony.  After the first PAWS award, students will also receive a medal for every additional PAWS award they earn.
  • Student Growth and Achievement Awards - Once per trimester, students will be honored for demonstration of outstanding academic growth and achievement over the course of the trimester.